Starting on the Engine

OpenNova on an iPad

This is by no means a full engine yet. It handles the opening sequence and gets the main menu to this state. Utterly useless to a player of the game. However this represents a major milestone.

For this screen to be rendered properly using nothing but the Nova data files, it needs to be able to decode rlëD and PICT resources, as well as understand bespoke Nova resources such as cölr and spïn. There are still a lot of other resource types that need parsing to make the engine complete. Not to mention replicating all the game logic!

I’m building the game in SpriteKit. This means that it should be possible to get it to run on macOS, iOS and tvOS all with the same basic codebase, although control systems are going to be more problematic. EV Nova’s built in system only really works with a Mac.

I think I’m probably going to make the UI (things like interaction, new pilot, settings, etc) be a little more friendly to touch environments on iOS, whilst leaving it as is on macOS.